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More than 10,000 incidents linking defence and national security to Covid-19, says Janes

Janes data highlights South American countries shifting policy direction and government instability linked to the novel coronavirus, while in Europe Spain relies on its armed forces to treat the pandemic.

LONDON – Janes Covid-19 Events Monitor has recorded more than 10,000 events using a combination of proprietary and open-source data. The monitor – from the global agency for open source defence intelligence – looks specifically at the involvement of armed forces, government responses and the effects of the novel coronavirus outbreak on defence and national security operations worldwide.

Analysing the global outlook, Janes notes:

  • South American countries recorded the highest number of events in policy direction and government instability. Janes recorded the highest number of policy direction events in Peru, predominantly led by domestic concerns about the long term economic and social effects of the lockdown. Indeed, Chile’s Ministry of Labour revealed that 95 percent of the companies in the country requested for employment protection due to Covid-19 concerns.
  • Instances of Civil War in Syria continue alongside the Covid-19 outbreak, with more than three quarters (115 of 151 recorded by Janes) of the events linking civil conflict and coronavirus taking place in the country.
  • Most countries have been under some form of lockdown for over a month. This suggests that civil unrest is set to increase as already demonstrated in countries like Colombia, Iran, Nigeria, and Lebanon. Janes expects these kinds of incidents to rise in the next few weeks across the globe.


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