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MBDA to supply Sea Ceptor weapon system for Canadian CSC frigates

MBDA announced on 19 April it has been awarded a contract from Lockheed Martin to equip the Royal Canadian Navy’s (RCN’s) new single class of 15 Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) multimission frigates with the Sea Ceptor air-defence weapon system. The specific date of the award and the contract value were not disclosed.

Lockheed Martin Canada is the team-lead and design authority for the development and integration of the combat management system (CMS) on the CSC vessels and, as such, awards contracts for associated sub-systems, including Sea Ceptor.

Configured with three different layers of anti-air warfare (AAW) defence, the new CSC will be fitted with a 32-cell strike length Mk 41 vertical launch system (VLS), which will house both the Raytheon Technologies medium-range active version Standard Missile-2 (SM-2) Block IIIC anti-air missile in the AAW role and the new Evolved SeaSparrow Missile Block 2 (ESSM Block 2) quad-packed weapon system in the point defence role. Block 2 replaces the legacy ESSM Block 1 guidance section with a dual-mode active/semi-active X-band radar seeker that increases the diameter of the missile front-end section to 10 inches. The introduction of an active seeker channel will support terminal engagement without the requirement for target illumination by the launch ship.

Utilising the Common Anti-air Modular Missile (CAMM) as its effector, Sea Ceptor will undertake the Close-In Air Defence System (CIADS) role on-board the new CSC frigates. The Sea Ceptor system with the CAMM effector was selected over the Raytheon Missiles & Defense SeaRAM ship defence system for the CSC CIADS capability. The CSC will also be fitted with the Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace Naval Strike Missile for an offensive anti-surface warfare capability.

Sea Ceptor will undertake the CIADS role on the Royal Canadian Navy’s new CSC frigates. (Lockheed Martin Canada)

Sea Ceptor will undertake the CIADS role on the Royal Canadian Navy’s new CSC frigates. (Lockheed Martin Canada)

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