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Martin Fausset, Chief Executive Officer, Elbit Systems UK

To stay ahead of the competition in the twenty-first century defence business you must be faster and more agile, according to Martin Fausset, chief executive of Elbit Systems UK.

“We try to move as fast as possible,” he told Jane’s . “We are the first choice for technology because our solutions address front-line requirements and we have the ability to do things quickly. That is a formula which is attractive for UK customers.”

For Fausset, having to move fast is a familiar experience. During his time in the British defence industry he headed up the engineering company Ricardo as it was increasing production of Foxhound mine-protected patrol vehicles for the British Army in Afghanistan. Before that he was a programmes director at the helicopter company AgustaWestland during its delivery of the Apache attack helicopter to the United Kingdom’s Army Air Corps prior to its first operational deployment of the helicopter.

Martin Fausset, Chief Executive Officer, Elbit Systems UK. (Elbit Systems)

Martin Fausset, Chief Executive Officer, Elbit Systems UK. (Elbit Systems)

Since 2016 he has led the UK operation of Israel’s Elbit Systems, aiming to expand its more than GBP100 million annual revenues in the UK through sales growth and acquisitions. It already employs 500 people directly in the UK, supporting 500 more in its supply chain.

According to Fausset, Elbit now operates from 10 sites in the UK, including a newly opened electro-optical manufacturing site in Kent, a software engineering facility in Bristol, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) assembly and support sites in Leicester and Litchfield, and aircraft operating facilities on the Royal Air Force (RAF) airfields in Lincolnshire and Wales. These support a wide portfolio of systems, including electro-optical systems for upgraded Warrior infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs), command-and-control software, Watchkeeper UAVs, and fixed-wing aircraft used by the UK Military Flying Training System.

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