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Market for military aviation in East Asia valued at USD190 billion across 2020-2029, says Janes

 The latest analysis from Jane’s Markets Forecast predicts the market for military aviation in East Asia (excl. China) will hit USD189.810 billion across 2020-2029 – with approximately 13% in opportunities for fighter aircraft acquisition programmes. Alessandra Giovanzanti, senior aviation forecast analyst at Jane’s explores. 

Janes forecasts Japan to have the largest market forecast for military aviation in East Asia over the next 10 years – hitting aroundUSD70 billion . Japan’s F-35 programme stands out, with 42 F-35A under order out of the 105 planned F-35A aircraft. Japan also plans to have 42 F-35Bs to operate from its ships. Janes Markets Forecast notes that USD15.27 billion in Stated opportunities account for additional F-35A/B orders; four new KC-46A tankers; the upgrade of 98 F-15J combat aircraft to the new Japanese Super Interceptor (JSI) configuration worth USD4.5 billion; a new fleet of attack helicopters; the development of a stand-off electronic warfare aircraft, among others; with USD1.65 billion in derived opportunities accounting for potential new fixed-wing training capabilities and life-extension and upgrade programmes for Army helicopters, among others.

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