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MAKS 2019: Iran unveils Mobin ‘cruise UAV'

The Iran Aviation Industries Organization (IAIO) unveiled a scale model of a previously unseen unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) at the 2019 MAKS air show being held near Moscow from 27 August to 1 September.

The scale model of the Mobin displayed at MAKS 2019. (IHS Markit/Rahul Udoshi )

The scale model of the Mobin displayed at MAKS 2019. (IHS Markit/Rahul Udoshi )

The information sheet described the Mobin (conqueror) as a cruise missile, but an IAIO representative told Jane’s that this was an error in the marketing material and that it is actually a multipurpose ground-launched UAV that can be recovered using a parachute. He said it entered Iranian service in the previous year and had been cleared for export.

He stated that the rest of the information on the product sheet was accurate. This said the Mobin has a 3 m wingspan and a ‘stealthy’ radar cross section of less than 0.1 m 2 . It weighs 670 kg and can carry a variety of payloads weighing up to 120 kg in its nose compartment. It can operate at altitudes from 30 to 45,000 ft, has an endurance of 45 minutes at an altitude of 10 m, and a maximum speed of 900 km/h.

It was also stated that the Mobin uses terrain contour matching (TERCOM) and/or digital scene matching area correlation (DSMAC) guidance.

The IAIO representative told Jane’s that the Mobin is powered by the Iranian-developed Toloo-4 turbojet. An information sheet for the engine stated that it generates 3.45 kN of thrust, weighs 55.9 kg, has a diameter of 330 mm, and a length of 1.33 m. It has a claimed lifespan of 20 hours or 50 starts and can operate at a maximum altitude of 10,000 ft.

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