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Inauguration of Guatemala's new president culminates a period of high tension and uncertainty

Date Posted: 17-Jan-2024

Publication: Jane's Intelligence Review

Guatemala has inaugurated a new president after a complicated election process. Janes examines the delays in the official ceremony and the factors behind the country's tensions over the past six months

Key points

  • Guatemala's new President Bernardo Arévalo faced delays in being sworn in, throwing uncertainty over the transfer of power after a complex election period
  • The outgoing Congress and the Attorney General's Office brought instability and uncertainty to the transfer of power, with the Constitutional Court of the Supreme Court of Justice acting as counterweight protecting Guatemala's constitutional order
  • As long as the current Attorney General's Office remains in office, it is very likely that the institution will actively seek to attack the president, his close allies, and members of the party

Transfer of Power

The inauguration of Guatemala's President Bernardo Arévalo on 14 January culminated a drawn-out electoral process marked by social and political instability. The inauguration took place in a context of uncertainty and tension over the possibility that the transfer of power would not take place after a complex electoral period.

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