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Serbia installs Kerber RCWS on new Miloš II MPACV

Serbia's new Miloš II 4×4 MPACV armed with a 20/3 mm RCWS conducted live firing at the Nikinci testing range on 18 July. (Serbian MoD)

Serbia's new Miloš II 4×4 multi-purpose armoured combat vehicle (MPACV) armed with a 20/3 mm remote-controlled weapon station (RCWS) participated in a live-firing demonstration at the Nikinci testing range on 18 July, the Serbian Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced on its website the same day. The Kerber 20/3 mm RCWS and an M15 12.7 mm RCWS mounted on a standard Miloš vehicle hit targets at ranges of 500–1,200 m.

Kerber was first seen installed on the roof of a Miloš II on 27 June during a visit by Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Miloš Vučević to the Borbeni Složeni Sistemi (Complex Combat Systems) military vehicle plant in Pljakovo. It is based on the Crvena Zastava M55 20/3 mm automatic anti-aircraft gun developed in 1955 based on the single-barrel Hispano-Suiza 804 L/70 anti-aircraft cannon mounted on the HSS 630-3 towed gun carriage for which Yugoslavia purchased a manufacturing licence in 1951.

Kerber uses three ammunition boxes to feed the guns, each with 60 20×110 mm calibre rounds, with a rate of fire of 2,000 rds/min. It can fire single shots from the central barrel only. Changing the ammunition boxes is manual and requires soldiers inside Miloš II to get on the roof of the vehicle to rearm the guns.

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