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Senegal parades new Chinese reconnaissance vehicles

Armoured vehicles similar to the ones in the Senegalese parade are operated by the Nepalese contingent serving with MINUSCA. (MINUSCA)

The Senegalese Army revealed that it has new Chinese-made armoured vehicles when four were seen in the annual military parade marking the West African country's independence day on 4 April.

The vehicles were paraded between two units of WMA301 self-propelled guns from the Thiès-based armoured battalion, which a television commentator said was represented by three squadrons, including its reconnaissance squadron.

The new Senegalese vehicles are very similar to ones seen in United Nations (UN) colours during the Nepalese Army Day parade in March 2021. The main differences are that they have a one-person turret with a 30 mm gun instead of a protected weapon station, and some of the viewing/firing ports for the rear passenger compartment are in different positions.

The type has since been seen deployed with the Nepalese battalion serving with UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA).

It appears to be a non-amphibious version of the CS/VN3C that was unveiled in China in 2014. Norinco promotes the CS/VN3C with the 30 mm turret as a light, air-transportable infantry fighting vehicle that weighs 9,000 kg, has a 180 kW engine, and carries a crew of three with four dismounts in the back.

While the CS/VN3C has its air intake on top of its glacis and an exhaust running high along its right side, the Senegalese and Nepalese versions have intakes at the front and smaller exhausts running around their rear right wheels. It also appears to have higher passenger compartment.

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