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Romania moves towards full domestic production of Piranha V

A Romanian Piranha V 8×8 in the so-called APC variant on display at BSDA 2022. The vehicle is referred to as an APC although its role is closer to that of an infantry fighting vehicle. (Janes/Mark Cazalet)

Romanian industry will soon attain the capability for full domestic production of the Piranha V 8×8 wheeled platform, according to Marinica Mirzu, managing director of General Dynamics European Land Systems Romania (GDELS-RO). The programme has ushered in a rapid modernisation of Romanian military-industrial capacity, following foreign direct investment from GDELS-MOWAG and Elbit Systems in connection with the programme.

On 12 January 2018 Romania signed a multistage framework agreement with a total value of EUR868 million (USD930 million) for a total requirement of 227 Piranha V 8×8 vehicles in six different variants: armoured personnel carrier (APC); command; mortar carrier; chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN); recovery; and medical evacuation. Under the conditions of the contract, the bidders would provide technology transfer and an 80% production offset, ensuring that the majority of the vehicles and their components would be produced domestically.

Production and final assembly of the complete vehicle is being carried out by the GDELS-RO and Uzina Mecanică Bucureşti (UMB) joint venture, while the turrets are being produced by Elmet, a local branch of Elbit Systems. A number of other local companies have been providing key subsystems. CSR has been supplying the communication system, the battle management system comes from Interactive, while Pro Optica has been providing the day and thermal sights, multifunctional displays, and 76 mm smoke launchers. According to a company representative, Pro Optica develops the majority of its system components domestically, although the thermal sensors used in its sights are sourced from third parties such as FLIR and Lynred (formerly Sofradir).

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