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Rheinmetall unveils Australian-developed Lynx Combat Support Vehicle

The new Lynx Combat Support Vehicle unveiled by Rheinmetall Defence Australia on 18 October at its facilities in Redbank, Queensland. (Rheinmetall Defence Australia)

Rheinmetall Defence Australia unveiled a new privately developed tracked combat support vehicle (CSV) variant of the Lynx KF41 infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) in a ceremony held on 18 October at its Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence (MILVEHCOE) in Redbank, Queensland.

Described by the company's managing director Gary Stewart as the most sophisticated and capable armoured vehicle to be designed and manufactured in Australia, the Lynx CSV has been produced to meet four of the 10 roles involved in Rheinmetall's bid for Project Land 400 Phase 3.

While the primary objective of the AUD10–15 billion (USD6.8-13.6 billion) programme is to deliver and support up to 450 IFVs for the Australian Defence Force (ADF), it also seeks around 100 combat support platforms in manoeuvre support, logistics, repair, and recovery roles.

Kept secret for over three years for commercial reasons, development of the Lynx CSV at the company's Queensland facility means that those four roles could now be undertaken by the new CSV, leaving the other six to the Lynx KF41, which shares the same modular architecture, Stewart told Janes .

The CSV fits within the baseline Lynx IFV size envelope, features Australian-developed Bisalloy armoured steel, weighs about 40 tonnes, and is operated by a crew of three. The first of type mounts a Rheinmetall MSSA (main sensor slaved armament) remote weapon station, although other weapon stations of choice can be integrated.

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