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Rheinmetall to supply rear view cameras for UK Warriors

Rheinmetall Electronics UK Trailblazer vehicle vision systems, designed to aid the driver with terrain negotiation, obstacle avoidance, and route selection, are being procured to fill a critical safety requirement with the UK's Warrior IFVs. (Rheinmetall Electronics UK)

The British Army's Warrior infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) will be equipped with rear view cameras as part of a contract with Rheinmetall Electronics UK.

Valued in the low double-digit million-euro range and announced on 21 November, the contract will involve the provision of Trailblazer day/night vehicle vision sensors for 359 Warrior IFVs.

The sensors will be used as a Rear Safety Camera System (RSCS), improving the driver's visibility and ability to recognise terrain and personnel at the rear of the vehicle. The system is also on the army's Boxer armoured fighting vehicles as the PAX camera – part of the vehicle's complete local situational awareness solution – and will be fitted on the Challenger 3 main battle tanks.

A tender was issued by the UK Ministry of Defence in June for RSCS solutions to meet a critical safety requirement for the Warrior IFVs, as the vehicles are not currently fitted with rear safety cameras. The systems will be delivered over a two-year period and the contract is valued at GBP20 million (USD25 million).

As part of the deal, the company will deliver the latest third-generation Trailblazer solution – a fully software-defined, Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA)-compatible sensor developed specifically to meet the British Army's requirements. Trailblazer incorporates extra-wide-angle options and REUK Video Fusion technology.

Integration will occur over the next 12 months alongside the UK Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) Vehicle Support Team.

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