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Renk Group to demonstrate hybrid powerpack technology in 2022

The Renk Group is planning to demonstrate a hybrid powerpack by the end of 2022, Janes has learnt.

Speaking at Eurosatory 2022 defence exhibition in Paris, Michael Masur, head of Renk Group's Vehicle Mobility Solutions division, explained that Renk is developing hybrid powerpacks for armoured vehicles in the US and Germany. These powerpacks involve fitting Renk's proven HSWL 256 transmission with a module that is expected to enable it to generate up to 250 kW of continuous exportable energy. This module could be retrofitted to existing HSWL 256 transmissions and used as the basis for next-generation propulsion systems.

According to Ted Trzesniowski, CEO of Renk America, the hybrid powerpacks will be “mild hybrids” focused on meeting demands for offboard power generation rather than providing full-electric drive. Trzesniowski spoke of a “modernisation path” for the hybrid powerpacks that will enable Renk to scale the system to provide more or less exportable power depending on customer requirements and the constraints of the host platform.

When asked about the company's interest in the US Army's Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV), Trzesniowski emphasised that they remained open to co-operation with the five prime contractors competing for the programme and are looking to provide their scalable hybrid solutions to the competitors. Trzesniowski also noted that Renk Germany was in the process of transitioning the manufacture of some systems into Renk America, including the HSWL 256 transmission and its hybrid capabilities, in the hope that this will make the company's German products a more attractive choice for the US programmes.

Janes also understands that Renk Group is undertaking parallel work to develop hybrid powerpacks that would be suitable for the next generation of main battle tanks (MBTs), such as the Franco-German Main Ground Combat System.

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