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Polish MND announces additional vehicle contracts

The ZSSW-30 30 mm remote-controlled weapon station will become a primary weapon for future and current APCs and IFVs replacing the manned Hitfist 30P turrets. (Jakub Link-Lenczowski)

Three months before Poland's parliamentary elections, Minister of National Defence Mariusz Błaszczak has announced three contracts that will provide several types of armoured vehicles for the Polish army during the next 12 years.

The first contract, announced on 14 August, was signed between the Polish Armaments Agency (AA) and state-owned Polish Armaments Group (Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa: PGZ) and concerns the delivery of 400 ‘Polonised' Kia Light Tactical Vehicles (KLTVs).

The Korean 4×4 lightweight armoured platforms are expected to be manufactured by PGZ subsidiary Rosomak as the Light Reconnaissance Vehicle (Lekki Pojazd Rozpoznawczy: LPR). The contract, which was approved by Błaszczak, is estimated to be worth around PLN1.2 billion (USD292 million), including tax. As a part of the deal, production, maintenance logistics, and training capabilities are expected to be established in Poland.

The LPRs are expected to be high-mobility platforms capable of carrying four troops with the mission gear (including all-weather day and night observation systems). Additional armour suites as well as gunner stations (armed with machine guns or high-velocity 40 mm grenade launchers) will also be required by the Ministry of National Defence (MND).

Błaszczak also approved a framework agreement on the future delivery of wheeled infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) under the Serwal programme. According to Błaszczak's announcement, PGZ will deliver to the AA “a couple of hundred” wheeled IFVs with logistics and training packages in the years 2028–35.

According to Błaszczak's statement, the Polish army's existing 8×8 Rosomak armoured personnel carrier (APC) “is a good product” but the licence contract “is not the best”.

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