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Polish Army receives Zmija reconnaissance vehicles

The Polish Army received its first batch of Żmija long-range reconnaissance vehicles on 7 December. (Polish Armaments Inspectorate)

The Polish Army received its first batch of Żmija (Viper) 4×4 long-range reconnaissance vehicles on 7 December, the Ministry of National Defence announced on its website later the same day. The ministry said the first 25 of 118 vehicles ordered are being sent to soldiers operating on Poland's border with Belarus.

The vehicles will be used by reconnaissance troops, with 18 going to the 2nd Reconnaissance Regiment in Hrubieszów, five to the 9th Reconnaissance Regiment in Warmiński, and two to the Polish Land Forces Training Centre in Poznań.

The Polish Armaments Inspectorate ordered the vehicles from a consortium between Polski Holding Obronny and Concept in September 2017. The Żmija is intended to be used by reconnaissance troops at a range of 150 km, fighting light armour vehicles and low-flying aerial targets and providing fire support for reconnaissance troops on foot. They can be operated off road, and are air transportable by helicopter using an external sling or transport aircraft, which can paradrop them.

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