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Philippine Army receives first batch of Guarani APCs

The Guarani APC (pictured above) is designed to carry a section of infantry dismounts across a fire zone so that they can engage a target or complete a mission. (AEL Sistemas)

The Philippine Army has received the first batch of five Guarani 6×6 wheeled armoured personnel carriers (APCs) from Elbit Systems, Lieutenant Colonel Louie Dema-ala, the Philippine Armyʼs official spokesperson, told Janes on 6 March.

The APCs were delivered to the army in late February and are undergoing technical inspection with the serviceʼs Armor ‘Pambato' Division (AD), Lt Col Dema-ala said. “Once the APCs pass inspection parameters, they will be deployed with the army.”

The AD displayed the newly received Guarani APCs during a ‘blessing ceremony' held on 5 March at Camp O'Donnell located in Santa Lucia municipality of Tarlac city.

During the ceremony, the division also showcased the recently acquired Sabrah ASCOD II light tanks.

In February 2020 Elbit Systems announced it had been awarded a USD46 million contract to supply an undisclosed number of Iveco Defence Vehicles Guarani APCs to the army of a country in the Asia-Pacific region.

Janes reported at the time that the APCs were ordered to meet a Philippine Army requirement under the service's ‘Wheeled Armoured Personnel Carrier Acquisition Project'.

According to Janes World Armies , the Philippine Army ordered 28 Guarani APCs, each of which must be equipped with a remote weapon station mounting a 12.7 mm machine gun and a 40 mm automatic grenade launcher.

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