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Partner 2023: TRB rolls out Vihor 4×4

The Vihor 4×4 is an 8 tonne protected mobility vehicle that is designed to provide a platform for multiple functions, such as an armoured personnel carrier or a self-propelled mortar system. (Janes/Christopher Petrov)

Tehnički Remont Bratunac (TRB) from Republika Srpska in Bosnia debuted its new Vihor 4×4 at the Partner 2023 defence exhibition in Belgrade. The multirole vehicle joins a portfolio now offered by TRB, which includes the Despot.

The Vihor has a payload capacity of 2 tonnes and is powered by a Volvo TAD 840-43VW engine that produces 320 hp at 2,200 rpm and is mated to an Allison 3000 SP gearbox. The chassis is equipped with a two-speed transfer case with a differential lock and an independent suspension system to offer improved offroad capabilities. The vehicle can reach a top speed of over 120 km/h on road and can ford to a depth of 1.4 m. STANAG 4569 Level 2 ballistic protection is provided as standard, but this can be enhanced to Level 3.

Two variants of the Vihor were shown at Partner 2023. The first was an armoured personnel carrier variant with a capacity to carry 2+3 personnel inside – two crew plus three dismounts. Another was configured as a self-propelled mortar, with the mortar integrated at the rear of the vehicle and capable of operation without the need for the crew to dismount.

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