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New Zealand prepares Defence Policy Review

New Zealand's Defence Policy Review will outline some of the modernisation objectives of the country's armed forces. Pictured above, the New Zealand Army took delivery in May of an initial batch of Bushmaster vehicles from Thales Australia. (CPL Maddy Butcher/New Zealand MoD)

New Zealand is expecting to soon publish its Defence Policy Review (DPR), Minister of Defence Andrew Little told Janes. โ€œI don't have a precise date for that [publication of the DPR], but I'm expecting it will be published within the next two months,โ€ he said.

According to the New Zealand Ministry of Defence (MoD), the DPR will ensure the country's defence policy, strategy, and planned capability investments remain fit for purpose. The DPR will also provide a road map for the future.

Little said the DPR will confirm the New Zealand Army's future investment decisions to procure equipment and capabilities. He added, โ€œI think the DPR would be very helpful. Our strategic situation, threats, and relationships with our various defence partners will enable us to make decisions about longer-term investments.โ€

The Australian Defence Strategic Review (DSR) โ€“ released in late April โ€“ made recommendations including the procurement of long-range strike capabilities and littoral manoeuvre for the Australian Army.

Little said that Australia's DSR will not have much impact on New Zealand's DPR. โ€œI think for Australia the circumstances are a little bit different and they have got threats very close to the northern border, so they want that long-range strike capability. I don't know if we need long-range strike capabilities, but we do need the means to improve troop mobility,โ€ he said.

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