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MSPO 2022: New Polish ERA system unveiled

WITU unveiled the Pangolin ERA system at MSPO 2022. (Janes/Christopher Petrov)

The Polish Military Institute for Armament Technologies (WITU) unveiled a new explosive reactive armour (ERA) system at the International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO 2022 held in Kielce from 6 to 9 September.

The Pangolin ERA system is designed to increase the protection of armoured vehicles against shaped charge warheads, explosively formed projectiles, and kinetic energy projectiles.

The ERA tiles come in two versions: A smaller 4 kg variant for light applications with 750 g of explosives and a larger 5.8 kg tile for heavy applications with 1,500 g of explosives. The tile dimensions are 150×150 cm, with a depth of 92 cm or 52 cm to accommodate more or less explosive material. The method of construction is understood to be a typical ERA layout of explosive material sandwiched by two steel plates.

The dimensions of the tiles showcased at MSPO 2022 match ERAWA ERA tile dimensions used on Polish PT-91 main battle tanks, facilitating the replacement of the older ERAWA system without modifications. A WITU representative told Janes that a non-explosive reactive armour version of the tile is possible and that the dimensions can also be modified.

During trials, Pangolin ERA tiles were tested against the 125 mm 3BK14M high-explosive anti-tank round, with a significant reduction in the penetrative capabilities of the round. When impacting a Pangolin-covered armoured plate at an angle of 60°, rounds managed to penetrate just 130 mm and 90 mm of the armoured plate with the lighter and heavier tile, respectively.

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