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Lithuania completes first phase of Boxer procurement

The Lithuanian MND completed the purchase of Boxer IFVs at the end of 2023. (Lithuanian MND/SFC A Čemerka)

The Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence (MND) announced in a press release on 12 January that it had completed the procurement of Boxer infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) at the end of 2023, with the acquisition of a total of 89 vehicles and two prototypes.

The completion of this first phase of Lithuania's Boxer programme was delayed from mid-2023. Explaining the cause of the delay, an MND spokesperson told Janes, “Testing of the last Boxers took longer than planned. Our goal was to get them working without any restrictions, so we worked hard with the manufacturers to find solutions, and finally we did – all remaining Boxers with no restrictions arrived in Lithuania at the end of the year.”

In the second phase of its Boxer programme, the Lithuanian MND plans to buy more than 120 additional Boxers, with negotiations having begun in 2022. However, the MND spokesperson told Janes, “No final decisions have yet been taken on the second phase of the procurement.”

Referring to the Boxer by its name in Lithuanian service, Vilkas (Wolf), Minister of National Defence Arvydas Anušauskas said the IFVs “can simultaneously destroy tanks and other heavily armoured targets with Spike missiles, and smaller, less armoured and unarmoured targets with the 30 mm cannon. Our Wolves will also be equipped with counter-drone and other electronic defence systems”.

Vilkas is equipped with the Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Samson Mk II remote-controlled turret armed with a 30 mm automatic cannon and Spike LR anti-tank missiles.

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