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JLTV recompete solicitation released, contract valued at USD7.3 billion

The US Army is soliciting bids for its Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) recompete programme valued at USD7.3 billion.

On 9 February the service issued the request for proposal and provided companies with two months to respond. If the competition proceeds as planned, by late September army leaders will select one winner and award the company with one five-year contract with options for five one-year options.

Although the final public version of this solicitation does not provide specific competition details, various draft documents, PowerPoint presentations, and responses to questions detail service plans to recompete the Oshkosh Defense contract.

For example, slides from industry day, held in November 2021, layout the army's plan to determine the “best value trade-off” for source selection and note that the service intends to buy 17,000 vehicles, 13,000 fewer than initially planned, along with companion trailers.

Once under contract, the selected company will have 10 months to deliver first article test vehicles and associated kits, and by March 2024 it should begin delivering vehicles to the army.

“The government will compete the follow-on contract through full and open competition and award to only one contractor,” the army wrote in response to a question in late 2021. “However, the government is planning a ‘transition period' where it intends to continue ordering vehicles off of the current production contract even after the award of the follow-on requirements contract to avoid a break in deliveries and allow for an orderly ramp up.”

Oshkosh Defense is currently building the vehicle and this recompete is designed, in part, to drive down the per vehicle cost.

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