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I/ITSEC 2021: Kongsberg unveils new Protector RWS simulator

The Kongsberg CORE Training Simulator for the Protector RWS displayed at I/ITSEC 2021. (Giles Ebbutt)

Kongsberg has integrated its Protector remote weapon station (RWS) fire-control system (FCS) with the Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BIS) Virtual Battlespace 4 (VBS4) synthetic environment to provide a new version of the RWS simulator, known as the CORE Training Simulator.

Kongsberg showed the simulator for the first time at the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) 2021 held in Orlando, Florida, on 29 November โ€“ 3 December.

Unlike the existing Protector simulator, the CORE Training Simulator runs on the real RWS fire-control hardware and software, with only the sensor feed into the system substituted with VBS4 to provide the synthetic environment. This allows the system to be embedded in a vehicle, with an additional computer connected to the vehicle network and streaming VBS4 into the FCS. When operating in simulator mode, the commander and gunner will, therefore, see the VBS4 environment on their screens.

Kongsberg told Janes that when the RWS is โ€˜fired' in the simulation, the ballistic calculations are performed by the RWS software, overriding VBS4 calculations, because this is more accurate.

The system can be used for gunnery procedures with automated commands or to train and practice the commander/gunner relationship. The system automatically tracks and records all the gunner's actions and on completion of an engagement will identify any faults in procedures. A pass/fail decision can be imposed.

The system can also be installed in a classroom and a driver station can be added. Installations can be networked in the classroom to permit tactical training up to platoon level, and work is under way to achieve this between vehicles.

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