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IDF installing new video system in APCs

One of the Nir-Or displays that are being installed in Israel's new Namer APCs. (Nir-Or)

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is installing new video systems on their armoured personnel carriers (APCs), the Israeli company Nir-Or, a subsidiary of IMCO Industries, revealed on 21 December.

The company said it has completed the delivery of a new video system to the IDF for the Namer tracked APC and was now moving to the serial supply of the system, which it said would also be installed on the IDF's new Eitan wheeled APC.

Brigadier General (ret) Roy Riftin, Nir-Or's CEO, told Janes that the company completed its first order of video systems for the IDF's existing Namers in 2020 and that a more advanced system will now be installed on the new Namers that are being produced for the IDF.

Riftin said the new systems will be “totally different” from the older models, describing them as more advanced in terms of their ability to integrate and network with sensors. For example, they will be able to receive video feeds from unmanned aerial and land vehicles, which Riftin described as a “highly significant upgrade” as it is something the models installed in the older Namers cannot do.

The new system uses touch-screen displays that enable the crew to access various apps for operating the vehicle and the 30 mm gun that will be installed in an unmanned turret on the new Namers, Riftin said.

The commander will be able to use his 17 inch display to access information from the IDF's Torch 750 command-and-control system and has the option of organising it so he can simultaneously see the views of the driver and gunner.

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