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IDEF 2023: FNSS displays Pars Scout 8×8 for first time

FNSS Pars Scout 8×8 vehicle at IDEF 2023. (Janes/CS Raghuraman )

FNSS exhibited its Pars Scout 8×8 special purpose vehicle for the first time at the 16th International Defence Industry Fair (IDEF) held in Istanbul from 25 to 28 July.

The vehicle was developed in response to the Turkish Armed Forces' Special Purpose Tactical Wheeled Armoured Vehicles project and is the first 8×8 to enter service with the Turkish military.

The Pars Scout 8×8 has been designed for reconnaissance and internal security duties. It houses a two-person driving compartment that replaces the vision blocks of the standard Pars 8×8 variant with armoured ballistic glass windscreens and slat armour. This is intended to offer increased situational awareness for the crew through a wider horizontal field-of-view combined with day and night cameras at both the front and rear of the vehicle.

While specific STANAG protection levels were not disclosed, FNSS states that the vehicle's modular armour system can be produced to meet customer requirements. The Pars Scout 8×8 features a V-shaped hull, an additional underbelly structure, and belly plates to further increase survivability against mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Repair and maintenance work can be expedited because of the modular armour system, according to FNSS.

The Pars Scout 8×8 features a 20 hp/ton power-to-weight ratio, inclusive of payload. It has a maximum road speed of 100 km/h and an 800 km range. It can traverse 60% vertical and 30% sideslopes, climb 0.7 m-high obstacles, and can ford 1.7 m-wide obstacles and traverse trenches 2 m wide. The vehicle design loads the axles almost equally, which offers enhanced stability on uneven ground and loose

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