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Future Armoured Vehicles Protection 2022: Bundeswehr plans new Boxer variants

The two JFSTsw prototypes ordered by OCCAR in September 2021 are to be delivered in 2024-6, followed by 20 vehicles in 2028-31. (KMW)

Lieutenant Colonel Karlheinz Boehnke, Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle (MRAV) representative in the German Army Concept and Capabilities Development Centre, presented the Bundeswehr's plans for new versions of the Boxer armoured vehicle on the second day of SAE Media Group's Future Armoured Vehicles Survivability 2022 conference held in London on 16-17 November.

In addition to the armoured personnel carrier, command post (CP), ambulance, and driver trainer vehicle variants already fielded, the Bundeswehr plans extended heavy weapon carrier (HWC), joint forward support schwer (heavy, JFSTsw), extended all arms air defence (EAAAD), and CP (digital) versions of the Boxer, Lt Col Boehnke said.

The final number of HWC variants planned depends on the German Army's new doctrine, according to Lt Col Boehnke, but he expected the first batch of 43 vehicles to be similar to the Australian version, to be fielded in 2027–8, followed by a second batch numbering 36 in 2028–31. He said the vehicle would have additional protection, including for the turret, which would be the same as that of the Puma or Lynx infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) armed with a 30 mm gun. The vehicle will have adaptable mine protection and be equipped with 360° cameras, laser sensors, and a rapid obscurant system (ROSY).

Lt Col Boehnke reported that negotiations on the HWC variant had been underway since 15 February and he expected a contract for a verification vehicle in December, followed by a series production contract in 2025.

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