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FEINDEF 2021: Duma Engineering's ASV350 ready for series production

Duma Engineering's ASV350 is intended as a cost effective AFV, which can be locally manufactured by foreign countries with developing defence industrial bases. (Duma Engineering)

Spanish company Duma Engineering told Janes at the International Defence and Security Fair (FEINDEF) held in Madrid on 3–5 March that its ASV350 armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) has completed test trials and is now ready for series production.

According to a company executive, the ASV350's design was finalised in 2020 and work on the first prototype began in earnest with trials taking place early this year.

The vehicle completed these trials by the middle of the year and the first two variants – the armoured personnel carrier (APC) and the infantry fighting vehicle – are now ready for production.

Duma Engineering is still working on the specialist variants of the platform, including an ambulance version and an armoured recovery vehicle.

The ASV350 is completely modular, with all variants based on the same 4×4 amphibious chassis. The gross vehicle weight is 14.5 tonnes, with NATO Standardization Agreement (STANAG) 4569 level 3 all-round protection being offered as standard and level 4a/4b protection against landmines. The 375 hp turbo diesel engine produces a maximum speed of 105 km/h on roads and 10 km/h in water using two hydrojets.

Several weapon fits are available, including cupola-mounted and remotely operated machine guns, as well as 25 mm, 30 mm, or 90 mm gun turrets. A mortar carrier variant able to carry 81 mm or 120 mm tubes is also being developed.

The APC variant can carry two crew members and nine dismounts.

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