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DVD 2022: British Army outlines new protected mobility pipeline

A Mastiff 3 fitted with NP Aerospace's upgraded suspension kit was displayed at DVD 2022. This is one of the 12 different types of vehicles that make up the British Army's existing fleet of protected mobility vehicles. (Janes/Christopher Petrov)

The British Army elaborated on its plans to rationalise its protected mobility vehicle fleet at the Defence Vehicle Dynamics (DVD) 2022 event held at the Millbrook Proving Ground from 21 to 22 September.

During a presentation at the event on 22 September, Brigadier Mike Fayers, head of military capability plans at the Army Headquarters Futures Directorate, stated that the British Army would seek to reduce its fleet from 12 different types of protected mobility vehicles to five.

Brig Fayers described the protected mobility pipeline as a โ€˜reset moment' that will supersede the British Army's previous attempt to procure new types of protected mobility vehicles under the three-phased Multi Role Vehicle โ€“ Protected (MRV-P) programme. Unlike the MRV-P programme, the protected mobility pipeline will not be split into separate projects but will instead encompass the entire range of wheeled protected mobility vehicles operated by the British Army.

Brig Fayers outlined five important tasks that the army is working on for its protected mobility pipeline. First, it is defining the scope of the programme by working out which roles the British Army's protected mobility vehicles will need to fulfil and which characteristics the vehicles should possess.

Second, the British Army is engaging with other stakeholders in protected mobility to compare and harmonise requirements across branches where possible. The British Army is also working with industry and its international allies to understand their capabilities as part of its third task.

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