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Dubai Airshow 2021: KBP reveals upgraded Pantsir for first time outside of Russia

A scale model of the latest Pantsir ground-based air-defence system was shown for the first time outside Russia at the Dubai Airshow 2021. (Andrew White)

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) KBP Instrument Design Bureau unveiled its latest mobile air defence solution for the first time outside Russia this week.

At the Dubai Airshow 2021, held from 14 to 18 November, the Russian company promoted a scale model of its Pantsir-S1M air defence missile and gun system. Designed to counter a wider range of air threats compared with KBP's legacy Pantsir solution, the S1M is designed to engage “fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles, short-range ballistic and semi-strategic missiles, MLRS projectiles, and high-precision weapons” in addition to enhancing air defence forces against “massive air assault”, company officials said.

Speaking to Janes, officials explained how the S1M features an enhanced tracking radar as well as the new 57E6M-E surface-to-air missile (SAM), which extends to a maximum range from 20 km on the legacy platform to 30 km.

The upgraded SAM features fragmentation-rod kinetic action warheads and maximum velocity of 1,700 m/s. The S1M also retains a pair of 30 mm cannons similar to the legacy solution in addition to the same anti-jam capabilities.

The S1M combat vehicle features a turret mount with 12 missiles and a pair of cannons; a search radar; a multifunctional radar used for tracking and missile guidance; an optronic system; power supply; and life-support equipment.

According to company literature, the S1M is operated by a crew of three personnel, although sources suggested to Janes that KBP was also considering the development of an autonomous solution in the future.

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