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DSEI 2023: ST Engineering's hybrid electric systems enter final phases of development

A model of ST Engineering's Next Generation Protected Vehicle fitted with the company's Hybrid Electric Drive Kit. (Janes/Huw Williams)

ST Engineering expects to complete testing of its Hybrid Electric Drive Kit and Next Generation Protected Vehicle (NGPV) – on which the kit is installed – within six to 12 months.

Speaking to Janes at DSEI 2023 in London, Jensen Chew, vice-president and product director of electrification and 4×4 vehicles at ST Engineering, said that testing had so far taken place in Singapore and elsewhere in the Asia-Pacific region and will move to the Middle East to stress the vehicle in desert conditions and high temperatures.

NGPV and the Hybrid Electric Drive Kit are at a series-production level of development, and the latter is designed for wheeled vehicles in the 15- to 20-tonne class in its current form, Chew said.

Chew said the company started work on the Hybrid Electric Drive Kit around two years ago and its efforts in this area followed an increased demand for high-power payloads and a push for green technology among militaries.

Ahead of development, the company identified key user requirements for hybrid-electric technology, including the ability to export power to offboard systems to limit the need for mobile generators – Chew said that the Hybrid Electric Drive Kit can develop 150 kW of power. Furthermore, customers are seeking extended silent watch capabilities, fuel savings, and, from the special forces community, stealth operation, Chew said.

According to Chew, the Hybrid Electric Drive Kit can achieve up to 30% fuel savings, which equates to one supply cycle.

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