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DSEI 2023: BAE Systems presents M-SHORAD variant of BvS-10 ATV

BAE Systems unveiled a manoeuvre short-range air defence variant of the BvS-10 all-terrain vehicle at DSEI 2023. (Janes/Nicholas Fiorenza)

BAE Systems unveiled a manoeuvre short-range air defence (M-SHORAD) variant of the BvS10 armoured all-terrain vehicle (ATV) at DSEI 2023 in London.

Briefing journalists, Darren Restarick, BAE Systems Hägglunds' director of product strategy, said the BvS10 is moving from being an armoured personnel carrier to a modular fighting vehicle able to address almost any modern operational threat, with the possibility of being armed with cannons, machine guns, folding fin aircraft rockets (FFARs), and various mortars, light artillery, surface-to-air missiles, and the sensors and command-and-control systems needed to employ them.

The cabin of the M-SHORAD displayed at DSEI vehicle was fitted with an Escribano Guardian 2.0 remote controlled weapon station (ROWS) armed with a 7.62 mm Gatling gun, day and night cameras with detection ranges of 15 km and 9 km respectively, and a laser rangefinder with a maximum range of 15 km. The Moog Flexible Mission Platform on the rear unit of the BvS10 was equipped with an RBS70 launch tube and an Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System (APKWS) that is intended for use against Class 2 unmanned aircraft systems.

Restarick said the ATV was protected by mobility, a low signature, and NATO STANAG 4569 Level II protection, with the possibility of adding active protection, slat, and net armour. He added that the ATV's twin-cab configuration increased crew survivability, as one could survive if the other is not hit. He also touted the BvS10's “hyper-mobility”, unconstrained by mud, poor roads, marshes, and rivers.

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