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Defense & Security 2023: Chaiseri launches 8×8 amphibious vehicle

Chaiseri unveiled its new armoured wheeled amphibious vehicle (AWAV) at the Defense & Security show in Bangkok. (Janes/Jon Grevatt)

Thai firm Chaiseri has unveiled its new 8×8 Armoured Wheeled Amphibious Vehicle (AWAV) at the Defense & Security exhibition in Bangkok.

A company official told Janes that the AWAV on display at the exhibition is a prototype, but that Chaiseri has started producing seven vehicles for the Royal Thai Marine Corps (RTMC) under a contract awarded in August.

Deliveries of these vehicles will start mid-2024. Janes reported in August that the contract is worth THB448 million (USD12.6 million). Chaiseri said it is also pursuing exports of the vehicle.

According to Chaiseri, the AWAV measures 9.2 m in length, 3.1 m in width, and 3 m in height. Its approximate gross weight is 25.7 tonnes. Its 711 hp engine provides a top speed of 105 km/h on land and 10 km/h in water, and its combat range is 600 km, said Chaiseri.

Firepower on the AWAV is provided by Spanish company Escribano Mechanical and Engineering's (EM&E's) Guardian 1.5 remote weapon station, which incorporates a 12.7 mm machine gun. Secondary armament is 76 mm smoke grenade launchers.

The vehicle can accommodate 11 troops plus three crew (a gunner, commander, and driver).

Chaiseri confirmed to Janes that the RMTC will operate its new AWAVs from the Royal Thai Navy's (RTN's) Type 071E-class landing platform dock (LPD). The RTN ordered this vessel from China in 2019 and it was delivered in April 2023. The vessel's home port is the Sattahip Naval Base.

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