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Cockerill 1030 medium calibre turret completes company trials

A Pandur 8×8 armoured personnel carrier fitted with the Cockerill 1030 MCT for trials. (John Cockerill Defense)

John Cockerill Defense's private venture Cockerill 1030 medium calibre turret (MCT) carried out company trials installed on a Pandur 8×8 armoured personnel carrier at a firing range in the UK, the company said.

Simon Haye, chief marketing officer at the Belgian company, told Janes the testing was “successful with very good accuracy results in all four firing modes – static/static, mobile/static, static/mobile, and mobile/mobile”.

The Cockerill 1030 MCT is a “modular and upgradable MCT” meant to fit varying customer requirements, the company said.

The standard turret structure is of all-welded aluminium armour construction that can be fitted with a tailored applique armour package of up to STANAG 4569 Level 4 ballistic protection.

The baseline turret weighs 1,500 kg, meant to enable integration on a range of platforms, including unmanned ground vehicles. Turret traverse is all electric through 360 degrees with elevation also all electric from -10 to 70 degrees.

It has a crew of two and is armed with a stabilised Northrop Grumman 30×173 mm MK44(S) dual-feed cannon, provided with 150–200 rounds of ready-use ammunition.

A 7.62 mm co-axial machine gun is mounted to the right, and banks of electrically operated smoke grenade launchers can be fitted. Other weapon fits are possible if required by the customer, including a pod of anti-tank guided weapons.

The turret is fitted with a John Cockerill Defense computerised fire-control system that includes a mast-mounted meteorological sensor, coupled to a French SAFRAN stabilised roof-mounted panoramic sighting system with day/thermal channels and an eye-safe laser rangefinder. The gunner also has a stabilised day/thermal sighting system and eye-safe laser rangefinder.

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