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China displays family of unmanned Lynx high-mobility vehicles

The China North Industries Group Corporation (Norinco) and the China South Industries Group have unveiled a family of unmanned ground vehicles based on the CS/VP16B Lynx 6Γ—6 all-terrain vehicle in a 15 October video released on the official Norinco Weibo account.

The video shows multiple armed and unarmed variants of the Lynx being operated remotely by personnel wearing People's Liberation Army (PLA) uniforms. The demonstrations included the remote operation of the weapon systems mounted on the vehicles.

The personnel were shown to be working together to operate a single vehicle, suggesting that one may be a dedicated driver, with the second controlling the armament. Both were provided with backpack-mounted transmitters and large, handheld controllers including a display showing the vehicle's onboard systems.

Variants shown in the video included one vehicle armed with a 40 mm cased telescoped weapon system as well as two launchers for guided missiles, which was shown conducting a direct-fire engagement.

A second vehicle appeared to be armed with a 120 mm mortar, which was automatically elevated into a firing position, although no loading or firing mechanism was immediately apparent, indicating that personnel would still be involved in its operation.

A third armed variant carried a 107 mm multiple rocket launcher with 12 launch tubes at the rear of the platform, and a reload for the launcher in the middle of the platform. It was demonstrated launching a salvo of rockets remotely.

Other variants displayed in an unmanned configuration included an air defence vehicle armed with four surface-to-air missiles, as well as a target detection radar and an engagement radar.

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