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Austria awards framework agreement for RMMV logistic vehicles

Austria's Bundesbeschaffung GmbH Wien has signed a seven-year framework agreement with RMMV for the procurement of HX (pictured), TGS, and TGM vehicles. (Rheinmetall)

Austria's procurement organisation Bundesbeschaffung GmbH Wien has signed a seven-year framework agreement with Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) for the procurement of up to 1,375 vehicles with a potential order volume of up to EUR525 million (USD570.6 million), Rheinmetall announced in a press release on 10 May.

RMMV bid for an Austrian government request for tenders with its TGM, TGS, and HX vehicles with different axle configurations, as well as with build-on systems such as cranes, platforms, tippers, and roll-off, swap body, and snow removal systems. The Austrian Armed Forces already operate TGM, TGS, and HX vehicles, including 200 TGM variants with a double cabin and interchangeable build-on systems.

TGM and TGS are part of Rheinmetall's Trucknology Generation militarised (TG MIL) range of commercial trucks, according to Janes Land Warfare Platforms: Logistics, Support and Unmanned. The TGM is optimised for medium weights and medium-duty applications. The TGS heavy range with narrow cabs is optimised for distribution and heavier-duty construction-type applications and can be fitted to carry cargo, main battle tanks (MBTs), and fuel or water tanks. Both the TGM and TGS can carry light self-defence weapons.

HX models are tactical trucks that can be modified to carry military electronic and communication/command equipment and can be equipped with a weapon station.

The procurement of logistics vehicles is part of the comprehensive modernisation of the Austrian army, with the investment of EUR560 million over the five years until 2029 in upgrading 58 Leopard 2A4 MBTs and 112 Ulan infantry fighting vehicles.

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