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AUSA 2022: GM Defense displays ISV for US Army Rangers

Shown here is the ISV outfitted with kit for US Army Rangers at AUSA 2022. (Janes/Ashley Roque)

GM Defense is continuing to deliver its standard nine-person Infantry Squad Vehicle (ISV) to the US Army while also showing ways the vehicle can be modified for different mission sets, including one for army rangers.

At the annual Association of the US Army (AUSA) 2022 conference in Washington, DC, held on 10–12 October, the company displayed its traditional ISV, an all-electric version of the standard ISV, along with one that integrates changes based on what rangers want.

“US Army Rangers [with the 75th Ranger Regiment] evaluated the vehicle for their needs,” Stephen duMont, president of GM Defense, told Janes during a 5 October interview. “We provided them with a couple of ISVs to take out to Fort Irwin, California … and they gave us some great feedback.”

Based on that feedback, the company produced a modification kit, which includes a gun ring on the top of the vehicle, additional door mounts for crew-served weapons, seat covers providing an additional storage compartment on the back of the seat, and the ability to attach a litter on either side of the vehicle when soldiers are injured.

“Within weeks of getting their input, we had a prototype of these kits [and] got them out to the rangers to actually test them and get some great feedback,” duMont said.

The service is now deciding if it will buy these kits while it continues acquiring the ISV. As of early October, GM Defense has delivered approximately 120 ISVs to the army and they have been fielded to units in the 82nd Airborne Division and the 101st Airborne Division, according to duMont.

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