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AUSA 2021: Companies display potential Common Tactical Truck competitors

The US Army is laying the groundwork for a Common Tactical Truck (CTT) competition and several companies are using this year's Association of the United States Army (AUSA) conference to show off their contenders.

The service recently issued a sources sought request for information for a “potential” CTT requirement that would replace its line of Palletized Load System A1 vehicles, the Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Trucks A4, and the M915 tractor. More specifically, the army is interested in acquiring a platform that can be configured into four different variants – a load handling system heavy variant with crane, a tractor variant, a tanker variant, and a cargo bed variant with crane.

“The CTT shall have a common chassis and common powertrain to the maximum extent possible to allow for a common platform modified by the addition of [mission equipment packages] MEPs to achieve a specific variant,” the army wrote. It notes that such a vehicle should be able to support an armoured cab, capable of receiving an autonomous applique kit, and the “optional capability” of importing and exporting 20 kW of power. Additionally, a future CTT line should be able to “accept” the Objective Gunner Protection Kit and a Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station.

So far, the army has released draft abbreviated specifications and will host an industry day on 20 October. Interested vendors then have until 29 October to respond to the RFI. The service plans to host a second industry day in fiscal year 2022.

Several companies planning to compete for a future CTT contract will be at this year's AUSA conference with their contenders including Mack Defense with a modified version of its Granite truck (a tractor version based around the same chassis), and Rheinmetall with its next-generation HX3 tactical truck.

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