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Janes takes Covid-19 threat intelligence to new heights, as pandemic underpins 8,000 national security incidents

Looking through the lens of the coronavirus pandemic, Janes updated Covid-19 Events Monitor keeps industry, government and national security customers informed about key incidents and threats that are affecting their operations.

LONDON - Janes – the trusted global agency for open-source defence intelligence  – has recorded 8,029 events using a combination of proprietary data and open source intelligence relating to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The Covid-19 Events Monitor looks specifically at the involvement of armed forces and the effects of the novel coronavirus outbreak on defence and national security operations worldwide.

“As the world remains focussed on the spread of Covid-19 – its greatest threat to date – we have turned our attention to producing a range of analytics to help our customers understand the impact of Covid-19 on the defence and national security landscape,” said Blake Bartlett, CEO of Janes. “We are continuing to deliver the trusted news, data and intelligence that we’re known for – while expanding our coverage across the many threats to industry, governments and national security.”

“Our global team continues to work remotely whilst delivering the intelligence that our customers rely on – providing unique insight into changing priorities, budgets, markets and military operations worldwide,” said Bartlett.

The Covid-19 Events monitor from Janes covers events such as troop deployment, military medical assistance, evacuations, law enforcement tasks performed by the military to support internal security forces, and cases of Covid-19 infections and deaths in each country’s armed forces.

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