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Janes and CSIS publish analysis of possible new ballistic missile facility in North Korea

LONDON -  Janes Intelligence Review has worked with colleagues at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington DC to publish analysis of a new and previously undocumented military facility in North Korea that appears to be related to the country's ballistic missile programme.

Joe Bermudez, CSIS's Senior Fellow for Imagery Analysis, has ascertained that the nearly complete facility - near the village of Sil-li and the main airport at Sunan - has a number of unique characteristics that suggest it has a missile support role. In particular, a large structure at the site is identified as a potential missile check-out facility that would be large enough to accommodate any of North Korea's currently known ballistic missiles.

Complete analysis of the site and 3D-modelling of its structures is available via  Janes Intelligence Review and analysis with additional imagery is available via CSIS.

Robert Munks, editor of Janes Intelligence Review, commented: "In these times when the world's attention is distracted, it's important to remember that other global security threats have not disappeared. This analysis shows that the site near Sil-li will likely be operational by the end of this year or in early 2021, and that will mean another step forward for North Korea's already potent ballistic missile programme.

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