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Interim software solution for Australian Army's C2 system may be required for up to three years

An interim software solution from Danish company Systematic is now being used in the Australian Army's digital command-and-control (C2) system and could be needed for up to three years, an Australian parliamentary committee has been told.

This follows the removal from service of battle management system (BMS) software provided by Elbit Systems Australia in mid-May after it failed to achieve Australian Defence Force (ADF) ICT accreditation. The system is part of the multi-billion, multi-tranche Land 200 progamme designed to link sensors, weapon systems, commanders, and their personnel in a networked environment.

Army Chief Lieutenant General Rick Burr told the Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Legislation in early June that additional licenses for an element of Systematic's ‘Sitaware Headquarters' software application – already in service with the Army's Deployable Joint Force Headquarters (DJFHQ) – have been acquired to provide an interim capability.

He said that this capability could be needed for up to three years, adding, “If we can accelerate this, then that would be desirable.”

The interim capability now in place will ensure ongoing digital C2 and situational awareness, and will be used in the upcoming Exercise ‘Talisman Sabre 2021' in northern Queensland, he noted. The exercise is a major joint training event between Australia and the United States.

‘Sitaware Headquarters' had been acquired by the ADF in 2019 as its interim brigade and above-level Track Management Capability, which aims to support coalition interoperability by enabling ‘blue force' tracking, shared situational awareness, and communications between partners.

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