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Ukraine conflict: Ukraine to receive additional batch of reconnaissance systems from Germany

SurveilSPIRE provides perimeter surveillance for military installations, reconnaissance operations, and/or for high-value target search. (DefSecIntel)

Ukraine will receive an additional batch of automated reconnaissance systems from Rheinmetall, funded by the German government.

Deliveries are under way for the trailer-based reconnaissance system, SurveilSPIRE, as part of a double-digit million-euro contract, Rheinmetall announced on 5 October.

Developed by Estonia-based DefSecIntel, SurveilSPIRE comprises mobile surveillance towers, equipped with long-range day/night camera equipment; autopiloted mini-unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or a ‘drone nest'; and a command-and-control system. The platform is fitted with solar panels to enable sustained operation without an external power source.

The systems are being delivered in co-operation with Rheinmetall.

Rheinmetall had not responded to Janes request for comment regarding delivery timeframes and the number of units ordered at the time of publication.

This is the second known order for the reconnaissance system, following a delivery announced in March 2023 for an undisclosed number of units.

By operating automatically, SurveilSPIRE is intended to be deployed in remote areas with limited human interaction. This is supported by a ‘drone nest' that autonomously deploys UAVs to patrol the area and conduct mission-specific flights in order to investigate and detect suspected threats. The information is transmitted wirelessly to the mobile command post via satellite communications and 4G. The tower can also operate as a 5G network.

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