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Ukraine conflict: Biden seeks USD33 billion in additional Ukraine funding

US President Joe Biden plans to tour a Lockheed Martin factory, which makes Javelin anti-tank missiles. (US Army)

US President Joe Biden asked the Congress on 28 April to provide USD33 billion in additional funding for Ukraine-related security, humanitarian, and economic assistance.

The biggest pot of money, USD20.4 billion, would allow the US to continue supplying military equipment to Ukraine's armed forces, including artillery, armoured vehicles, anti-armour and anti-aircraft weapons, and unmanned aircraft. It would also support US troop deployments to NATO territory in Europe, continue surging cyber and intelligence activity, improve production capabilities for munitions and critical materials such as lithium and nickel, and help clear landmines and other explosive devices.

โ€œThese resources will put urgently needed equipment into the hands of Ukraine's military and police, as well as help NATO deter and defend against Russian aggression over the long term,โ€ the White House said in a statement.

The supplemental appropriations request follows the 15 March enactment of a USD13.6 billion Ukraine aid package, much of which the US has expended. Of the USD3.5 billion that the March measure authorised for Ukraine from existing stocks of US military equipment, only about USD250 million is left, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters.

Biden said he plans to visit a Lockheed Martin factory in Troy, Alabama, on May 3 to thank workers who make Javelin anti-tank missiles, which are among the weapons that the US has been providing to Ukraine to counter Russia's invasion.

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