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Saudi Arabia acquires solar-powered surveillance solution

MARSS Group RADiRguard solar-powered capability enables 24/7 autonomous monitoring, suitable for perimeter and border surveillance. (MARSS Group)

MARSS Group, a company that develops surveillance systems, will deliver its RADiRguard solar-powered artificial intelligence (AI) surveillance solution to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

According to a company announcement on 7 September, the KSA signed a multimillion Euro contract for 50 RADiRguard units.

The RADiRguard is a multisensor perimeter surveillance capability, which combines a short-range tri-directional radar, CCTV, infrared (IR), and a radio frequency monitoring system, a MARSS Group spokesperson told Janes . The system has a lifespan that should exceed five years, the spokesperson added.

The company spokesperson was unable to provide further details regarding the contract.

With an inbuilt AI and machine learning algorithm – known as NiDAR – RADiRguard can detect, verify, alert, and respond to objects of interest. Up to four optical cameras can be integrated into the pod, with a 90° field-of-view. The pod also contains a solid-state radar capable of 15 scans per second, the company said.

RADiRguard is suited for off-grid installations or for fixed-site infrastructure, and is capable of covering 25,000 m 2 , weighs approximately 12 kg, and consumes 109 W power.

Each system comprises a MARSS RADiRguard pod mounted on top of a solar-panelled pole, making them self-sufficient. The systems also include a lithium-ion battery pack or fuel cell that acts as an alternative power supply to maintain operations at night, in sandstorms, or in bad weather conditions, the company said.

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