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R&S to supply software-defined radios to Portuguese Army

R&S to supply its SOVERON HR radios to Portuguese Armed Forces. (Rohde & Schwarz)

Rohde & Schwarz (R&S) will deliver its software-defined radios (SDRs) to the Portuguese Army.

According to an R&S announcement on 13 October, the company has entered into a partnership with EID to deliver its SOVERON HR (handheld radios) to the Portuguese Army, as part of EID's Dismounted Soldier Communications System solution.

EID was unable to provide details regarding its Dismounted Soldier Communications System at the time of publication.

SOVERON HR is a multiband very-high-frequency/ultra-high-frequency (VHF/UHF) handheld software-defined tactical radio designed for use by dismounted soldiers. It operates in the 30–512 MHz frequency range and has an operational range of up to 7 km.

Thomas Stepanski, director of Sales Tactical Communications for R&S told Janes that “[R&S] will ensure a sovereign capability in country to support the Portuguese Army throughout the lifetime of their communications systems, [this will also involve] upgrading the existing equipment to the latest standard”.

SOVERON radios incorporate R&S ‘SOVERON WAVE' waveform suite, which permits communications in anti-access/area denial environments. Frequency hopping and advanced encryption technologies are used to counter jamming and interception.

Stepanski was unable to detail the expected delivery timeframes or the total value of the R&S contract. He was also unable to confirm whether this partnership agreement is part of the EUR8.5 million (USD8.2 million) contract awarded to EID in November 2021 to supply its Dismounted Soldier Communications System to Portuguese infantry forces.

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