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Rafael buys mine plough maker Pearson Engineering

Pearson Engineering's Full Width Mine Plough attaches to the front of a combat engineering vehicle. (Pearson Engineering)

Israel's Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has expanded its land warfare offering by acquiring British ground vehicle equipment provider Pearson Engineering, the buyer announced on 28 September.

Rafael paid about GBP100 million (USD107 million) to obtain Pearson and its subsidiary Responsive Engineering from UK-based Reece Group. Pearson, including Responsive, employs about 285 people and will become a subsidiary of Rafael.

Pearson managing director Craig Priday said that becoming part of a larger company like Rafael ‘‘will not only allow us to enhance our existing product portfolio, but will enable the development of innovative, class-leading products, and capabilities''.

Pearson's products include the minefield-clearing Full Width Mine Plough, which attaches to the front of a combat engineering vehicle. Following the acquisition, Pearson, which is located in Newcastle upon Tyne in North East England, will add to its repertoire by starting to locally manufacture Rafael's Trophy active protection system for armoured vehicles.

Pearson's customers include the British Army, Indian Army, US Army, and US Marine Corps. It announced in March that it has opened an office in Singapore to pursue opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region.

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