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Hanwha Defense teams with Australian steel firm for IFV and SPH exports

Hanwha Defense has teamed with Australian firm Bisalloy Steels to support the production of the Redback IFV and K9 SPH (pictured) in export markets. (Hanwha Defense)

South Korea's Hanwha Defense has signed an agreement with Australian firm Bisalloy Steels to collaborate on building Redback infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) and K9 self-propelled howitzers (SPHs) for international customers.

Hanwha Defense said that under the terms of its memorandum of understanding (MoU), it will procure steel from the New South Wales-based firm for its Redback vehicles and K9s that are exported “to international markets beyond Australia”.

Hanwha Defense said the companies will conduct technical assessments of Bisalloy-made armoured steels and develop processes to support their integration onto the Redback and K9 for exports.

A spokesperson from Hanwha Defense told Janes that the company has traditionally used steel sourced from South Korean firm Posco for its armoured vehicles and SPH programmes.

An initial project for collaboration between Hanwha Defense and Bisalloy Steels could be Egypt's order of K9 SPHs, said the South Korean company. Son Jae-il, chief executive officer (CEO) and president of Hanwha Defense, said the company is “reviewing ways to utilise” Bisalloy-made steel in the Egypt project first.

On 3 February, Hanwha Defense announced that it won a contract worth about USD1.7 billion to deliver to the Egyptian army and navy “hundreds” of K9 SPHs, K10 ammunition resupply vehicles, and K11 fire direction control vehicles. Most of the vehicles will be produced in Egypt.

With the deal, Egypt became the eighth export customer of the K9. Other international users include Australia, Estonia, Finland, India, Poland, and Turkey.

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