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EOS launches C-UAS with hard-kill capabilities

Australia's Electro Optic Systems (EOS) has launched a counter-unmanned aircraft system, named the Slinger (pictured), that can eliminate UAVs at a range of more than 800 m. (Electro Optic Systems)

Australian company Electro Optic Systems (EOS) has launched a counter-unmanned aircraft system (C-UAS) that can track and shoot down unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) at a range of more than 800 m.

The C-UAS, named the Slinger, is also capable of dealing with UAV swarms, a spokesperson for EOS told Janes on 15 May.

“The optical/radar-based UAV detection and engagement system supports tracking multiple and simultaneous UAV threats,” the spokesperson said.

“The ‘one-shot-one-kill' performance of the system enables the Slinger to quickly cycle through the [UAV] targets. When integrated into a networked [C-UAS], the Slinger can be directed by the centralised fire direction centre to engage priority [UAV] threats in co-ordination with other Slinger or alternative [UAV] defeat mechanisms,” the spokesperson added.

According to company specifications, the Slinger weighs less than 400 kg, and is “stabilised for on-the-move operations”.

EOS said that the Slinger is equipped with the Echodyne EchoGuard 4D multimission surveillance radar; a fourth-axis sighting system with a sensor unit that moves independently of the gun in both elevation and azimuth; the Bushmaster M230 Link Fed (LF) 30×113 mm cannon; and the Lightweight 30 mm Proximity Sensing Ammunition with radio frequency proximity-fuzed, high-explosive/fragmentation round.

The Slinger has a maximum ammunition load of 150 rounds, EOS added.

The Echodyne EchoGuard radar that is integrated onto the Slinger has a detection range of more than 3.5 km for vehicles, and more than 2.2 km for humans, EOS said.

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