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East Tech 2022: RRP S4E supplies camera system for surveillance to Indian Army

RRP S4E's Viraj 28 A (pictured above) is a long-range multisensor optical platform camera specially designed to detect UAVs. (Janes/Oishee Majumdar)

Mumbai-based RRP S4E has been supplying its multisensor optical platform camera system for surveillance − Viraj 28 A − to the Indian Army's Eastern Command, Shikhar Gupta, senior executive for business development at RRP S4E, told Janes at East Tech 2022, an event held in Kolkata by the Indian Army's Eastern Command on 7 and 8 July.

The company received an order to deliver 50 Viraj 28 A systems to the Indian Army, Gupta said.

“Out of this, 25 cameras have already been installed at various locations across India's northeastern states in the earlier half of 2022,” Gupta added.

“The delivery of the remaining systems will be completed by August,” he said.

According to Gupta, Viraj 28 A's day camera has a range of 20 km, while the night camera has a range of 7−10 km. It also has a laser rangefinder (LRF) that can detect the range of a target within 5−7 km.

The system weighs 50 kg and can be controlled by the operator using a laptop system, Gupta said.

The system has the capability to operate in high-altitude areas and can be employed on moving vehicles.

Gupta said RRP S4E is also in talks with the Indian Armed Forces for supplying its thermal weapon sight called the PR82.

According to company specifications, the PR82 can be used continuously for seven hours and can be operated at temperatures between -40°C and +50°C. It can detect a human within a range of 2,000−3,000 m.

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