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Dubai Airshow 2021: Edge announces guided munitions contract

The Emirati defence group Edge announced during the Dubai Air Show 2021 that it has received a AED3.2 billion (USD871 million) contract from the United Arab Emirates Armed Forces to deliver Thunder bomb guidance kits and Desert Sting guided bombs made by its Halcon Systems division.

β€œThis is a significant contract on a global scale for this type of weapons system,” said Halcon CEO Saeed al-Mansoori.

The Thunder P-31, P-32, and P4 are respectively guidance kits for 250 lb MK 81, 500 lb MK 82, and 2,000 lb MK 84 bombs. They use GNSS/INS guidance as standard, with a semi-active laser (SAL) seeker being an option.

The Desert Sting series is a family of small GNSS- and/or SAL-guided bombs that weigh between 10 kg to 50 kg, making them appropriate for unmanned and light aircraft.

The UAE Armed Forces announced a AED3.6 billion contract for Halcon munitions during the previous Dubai Airshow in 2019. Edge said at the time the order was for the Desert Sting DS-16, which weighs 23 kg.

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