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DSEI 2023: Norway's FFI to test Viking UGVs in extreme conditions

IDV Robotics' Viking UGV at DSEI 2023 (Janes/Ares Simone Monzio Compagnoni)

The Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) has purchased two IDV Robotics Viking Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs), Janes has learned.

Speaking at DSEI 2023 in London, IDV Robotics' head of sales and marketing, Robert Mohacsi, said that the vehicles will undergo testing for operations in extreme weather conditions.

The Viking UGV is a 6×6 electric and diesel hybrid platform that features a large payload bay. It is primarily designed to operate as a robotic mule and transport up to 750 kg. At DSEI 2023, IDV Robotics also displayed a variant equipped with a 12.7 mm Machine Gun (MG) and a Thales FZ602 LGR Launcher. Janes understands that IDV Robotics is planning to perform firing tests within the next year.

According to the company, the Viking can operate in temperatures from -20 to 39 ˚C. On a flat road at the nominal temperature of 20 ˚C the range in electric and hybrid modes is 20 and 250 km respectively.

The Viking is equipped with the Modular Autonomous Control Equipment (MACE), a system comprising stereo cameras, LiDAR, and thermal camera feeding into a Computer Vision AI algorithm developed by IDV Robotics for terrain and object recognition, mapping, routing, and obstacle avoidance. The ATLAS Navigation System enables the Viking to operate in a GPS-denied environment, matching features observed with those on a map.

The FFI is a research institute responsible for defence science, and technology research and development for Norway's Ministry of Defence and the Norwegian Armed Forces.

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