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Defense & Security 2023: Thailand expands M758 mounted gun production

The Royal Thai Army's M758 Autonomous Truck-Mounted Gun (pictured above) and the Autonomous Truck-Mounted Mortar are assembled by the RTA's production facility in Lopburi, central Thailand. (Janes/Jon Grevatt)

The Royal Thai Army (RTA) is expanding production of the locally built M758 Autonomous Truck-Mounted Gun (ATMG).

An RTA spokesperson told Janes at the Defence & Security 2023 exhibition in Bangkok on 9 November that the RTA will receive six additional ATMGs by the end of November, taking its ATMG inventory to 30 units. The systems are operated by the RTA's infantry battalions and cavalry squadrons.

In addition, the RTA plans to build six ATMGs for the Royal Thai Marine Corps (RTMC) under a contract signed earlier in 2023. The RMTC already operates six ATMGs, confirmed the RTA spokesperson.

The ATMG – built by the RTA's production facilities – incorporates Israeli company Elbit Systems' ATMOS 155 mm/52 calibre self-propelled howitzer integrated onto a 6×6 10 tonne Tatra truck from the Czech Republic.

The RTA spokesperson also confirmed that the RTA will soon receive 12 M361 Autonomous Truck-Mounted Mortars (ATMMs). This batch will take the RTA's ATMM inventory to 24. The spokesperson said the RTA has no current plans to procure additional ATMM batches. He added that the RTMC has proposed to procure the system but that the service has not yet signed a contract.

The ATMM also integrates weaponry from Elbit Systems. The platform features Elbit's 120 mm Spear mortar system on a 4×4 truck supplied by Indian company Tata.

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