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Bangladesh seeks new helicopters and amphibious vessels

The Bangladesh Ministry of Defence has issued tenders for the procurement of naval utility helicopters and amphibious vessels for the Bangladesh Navy (BN).

Tender documents state that the service is seeking to procure two utility helicopters by 2024 from a European or North American manufacturer.

According to the requirement, the twin-engine helicopters would be utilised to perform maritime security tasks, limited anti-surface warfare operations, and transport duties.

Specifications for the helicopters include a length of 12–13.5 m, a rotor diameter of 10–11 m, and a maximum take-off weight of three tonnes.

Avionics and sensors include a weather radar and an electro-optical pod. The helicopters also need to be “fitted for but not with” Link 22 tactical datalink, the tender said.

The BN is also seeking three landing craft tank (LCT) ships to be built locally to a “proven” Western design.

The tender specifications call for the procurement of a vessel with a minimum length of 60 m, a minimum beam of 12.5 m, and a displacement of between 900 and 1,100 tonnes.

Other requirements include lift capacity of six main battle tanks, 12 personnel carriers, or 350 troops. The LCTs are to be fitted largely with Western-origin systems including propulsion, navigation, and communications.

Tender responses for both the LCT and helicopter procurements are due in January.

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